What is the origin of this joke about matchmaking?

What is the origin of this joke about matchmaking?

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The joke is told with references to Bill Gates and the World Bank, like so:

I told my son, “You will marry the girl I choose.” He said, “NO!” I told him, “She is Bill Gates' daughter.” He said, “OK.” I called Bill Gates and said, “I want your daughter to marry my son.” Bill Gates said, “NO.” I told Bill Gates, My son is the CEO of World Bank.” Bill Gates said, “OK.” I called the President of World Bank and asked him to make my son the CEO. He said, “NO.” I told him, “My son is Bill Gates' son-in-law.” He said, “OK.” Reddit

Many jokes are actually quite old and recycled so I suspect this one may have been refreshed with the contemporary references, but it's difficult to search for a previous version without those references. I'm looking for a more high-brow (i.e. older/more respectable) source and form of that joke, presumably devoid of the contemporary references, possibly with equivalent historical references.

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